Walton Township


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbott Alexander  1870Walton Township I2287 Roane 
2 Acre Peter  1870Walton Township I3477 Roane 
3 Adkins Elias  1870Walton Township I2574 Roane 
4 Adkins William  1870Walton Township I3770 Roane 
5 Alderman M. A.  1870Walton Township I3293 Roane 
6 Allen Archibald  1870Walton Township I2330 Roane 
7 Ashley Lurana  1870Walton Township I3260 Roane 
8 Askue Clayburn  1870Walton Township I2467 Roane 
9 Askue H. V.  1870Walton Township I2746 Roane 
10 Boice Francis  1870Walton Township I2630 Roane 
11 Boice Louisa  1870Walton Township I3254 Roane 
12 Bond Mary  1870Walton Township I3379 Roane 
13 Boner Eugenus  1870Walton Township I2618 Roane 
14 Bonnett J. H.  1870Walton Township I2872 Roane 
15 Borwn C. B.  1870Walton Township I2405 Roane 
16 Bosmett William G.  1870Walton Township I3857 Roane 
17 Bowen Ancel  1870Walton Township I2307 Roane 
18 Brisentine Joseph  1870Walton Township I3161 Roane 
19 Bush Samuel  1870Walton Township I3583 Roane 
20 Canterbury C.  1870Walton Township I2390 Roane 
21 Canterbury Eli  1870Walton Township I2567 Roane 
22 Canterbury Eli  1870Walton Township I2568 Roane 
23 Canterbury J.  1870Walton Township I2845 Roane 
24 Canterbury Z.  1870Walton Township I3918 Roane 
25 Carpenter Adam  1870Walton Township I2266 Roane 
26 Carpenter J.  1870Walton Township I2832 Roane 
27 Carpenter Thomas  1870Walton Township I3703 Roane 
28 Carter James  1870Walton Township I2949 Roane 
29 Casto J. H.  1870Walton Township I2868 Roane 
30 Coleman James  1870Walton Township I2968 Roane 
31 Collins Jesse  1870Walton Township I3017 Roane 
32 Conn Benjamin  1870Walton Township I2374 Roane 
33 Coom William W.  1870Walton Township I3912 Roane 
34 Craddoe Thomas  1870Walton Township I3686 Roane 
35 Crampecker S.  1870Walton Township I3549 Roane 
36 Crichfield T. E.  1870Walton Township I3673 Roane 
37 Criehfield J.  1870Walton Township I2838 Roane 
38 Cromwell John  1870Walton Township I3024 Roane 
39 Cromwell T. J.  1870Walton Township I3674 Roane 
40 Cruner Albert  1870Walton Township I2272 Roane 
41 Cummings C. L.  1870Walton Township I2417 Roane 
42 Cummings G. W.  1870Walton Township I2666 Roane 
43 Cummings Hiram  1870Walton Township I2779 Roane 
44 Cummings Hugh  1870Walton Township I2785 Roane 
45 Cummings J.  1870Walton Township I2829 Roane 
46 Cummings John  1870Walton Township I3070 Roane 
47 Cunningham M.  1870Walton Township I3286 Roane 
48 Cunningham P. G.  1870Walton Township I3459 Roane 
49 Dalton John  1870Walton Township I3083 Roane 
50 Dalton Lyne  1870Walton Township I3264 Roane 

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