Spencer Township


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Alvis Russel  1870Spencer Township I3546 Roane 
2 Armstrong L.  1870Spencer Township I3205 Roane 
3 Arnold William  1870Spencer Township I3824 Roane 
4 Arnott William L.  1870Spencer Township I3882 Roane 
5 Bailey A. G.  1870Spencer Township I2226 Roane 
6 Baker A. H.  1870Spencer Township I2227 Roane 
7 Baker Isaiah  1870Spencer Township I2821 Roane 
8 Balsser Peter J.  1870Spencer Township I3479 Roane 
9 Bartlett Thomas F.  1870Spencer Township I3710 Roane 
10 Barttell J. V.  1870Spencer Township I2899 Roane 
11 Batten D. H.  1870Spencer Township I2485 Roane 
12 Batten S.  1870Spencer Township I3550 Roane 
13 Batten Thomas S.  1870Spencer Township I3724 Roane 
14 Batten William J.  1870Spencer Township I3877 Roane 
15 Beckner S. P.  1870Spencer Township I3569 Roane 
16 Bee Stemette  1870Spencer Township I3652 Roane 
17 Belt Hedgens  1870Spencer Township I2755 Roane 
18 Bennett Alexander  1870Spencer Township I2280 Roane 
19 Bent Eli V.  1870Spencer Township I2571 Roane 
20 Berry Alfred  1870Spencer Township I2293 Roane 
21 Bill E. L.  1870Spencer Township I2558 Roane 
22 Blosser John  1870Spencer Township I3051 Roane 
23 Blosser Robert  1870Spencer Township I3536 Roane 
24 Boggs Amanda  1870Spencer Township I2302 Roane 
25 Boggs John R.  1870Spencer Township I3123 Roane 
26 Boggs M.  1870Spencer Township I3289 Roane 
27 Boggs N.  1870Spencer Township I3417 Roane 
28 Bonnett William G.  1870Spencer Township I3859 Roane 
29 Bouman A.  1870Spencer Township I2214 Roane 
30 Bower Daniel  1870Spencer Township I2502 Roane 
31 Brannon J. S.  1870Spencer Township I2894 Roane 
32 Burgess G. W.  1870Spencer Township I2677 Roane 
33 Burgess John  1870Spencer Township I3067 Roane 
34 Burke Lewis  1870Spencer Township I3240 Roane 
35 Burke R. P.  1870Spencer Township I3509 Roane 
36 Butcher Ellen  1870Spencer Township I2606 Roane 
37 Butcher M. J.  1870Spencer Township I3319 Roane 
38 Camp William  1870Spencer Township I3785 Roane 
39 Campbell A. D.  1870Spencer Township I2224 Roane 
40 Carpenter E.  1870Spencer Township I2540 Roane 
41 Carpenter James  1870Spencer Township I2967 Roane 
42 Carpenter John  1870Spencer Township I3086 Roane 
43 Carpenter Joseph  1870Spencer Township I3159 Roane 
44 Carpenter Joseph A.  1870Spencer Township I3177 Roane 
45 Carpenter Thomas  1870Spencer Township I3702 Roane 
46 Casto Polly P.  1870Spencer Township I3484 Roane 
47 Casto Washington  1870Spencer Township I3750 Roane 
48 Chapman H.  1870Spencer Township I2721 Roane 
49 Chewming Fanny  1870Spencer Township I2624 Roane 
50 Clark Mary  1870Spencer Township I3369 Roane 

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