Smithfield Township


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Alderman M. L.  1870Smithfield Township I3327 Roane 
2 Alfred Mary E.  1870Smithfield Township I3385 Roane 
3 Barnhouse Z.  1870Smithfield Township I3921 Roane 
4 Barnt Thomas  1870Smithfield Township I3684 Roane 
5 Bays William  1870Smithfield Township I3772 Roane 
6 Belley John W.  1870Smithfield Township I3139 Roane 
7 Bennrar William H.  1870Smithfield Township I3867 Roane 
8 Beverly John  1870Smithfield Township I3034 Roane 
9 Boggs Anderson  1870Smithfield Township I2309 Roane 
10 Boggs James R.  1870Smithfield Township I2989 Roane 
11 Boggs John  1870Smithfield Township I3063 Roane 
12 Boggs Minta  1870Smithfield Township I3408 Roane 
13 Boggs Thaddeus  1870Smithfield Township I3679 Roane 
14 Boggs Walter  1870Smithfield Township I3746 Roane 
15 Booth David H.  1870Smithfield Township I2527 Roane 
16 Booth Jamison  1870Smithfield Township I2993 Roane 
17 Booth Jamison E.  1870Smithfield Township I2994 Roane 
18 Brannon H.  1870Smithfield Township I2709 Roane 
19 Brannon L.  1870Smithfield Township I3210 Roane 
20 Brannon N.  1870Smithfield Township I3415 Roane 
21 Brannon William  1870Smithfield Township I3810 Roane 
22 Butler Benjamin  1870Smithfield Township I2378 Roane 
23 Butler Dorotha  1870Smithfield Township I2531 Roane 
24 Butler William R.  1870Smithfield Township I3903 Roane 
25 Chambers J.  1870Smithfield Township I2831 Roane 
26 Chambers L.  1870Smithfield Township I3201 Roane 
27 Chapman H.  1870Smithfield Township I2715 Roane 
28 Chapman S. G.  1870Smithfield Township I3563 Roane 
29 Chewning R.  1870Smithfield Township I3493 Roane 
30 Clarkson Alice  1870Smithfield Township I2296 Roane 
31 Clarkson M.  1870Smithfield Township I3282 Roane 
32 Clarkson William  1870Smithfield Township I3774 Roane 
33 Combs Sarah  1870Smithfield Township I3624 Roane 
34 Compton B.  1870Smithfield Township I2350 Roane 
35 Compton Lewis J.  1870Smithfield Township I3247 Roane 
36 Cott Washington  1870Smithfield Township I3748 Roane 
37 Cottrell F.  1870Smithfield Township I2621 Roane 
38 Cottrell J. W.  1870Smithfield Township I2901 Roane 
39 Cox Isaac  1870Smithfield Township I2809 Roane 
40 Criner George  1870Smithfield Township I2701 Roane 
41 Croner Jacob  1870Smithfield Township I2915 Roane 
42 Dalton Joseph  1870Smithfield Township I3171 Roane 
43 Damerwood M.  1870Smithfield Township I3280 Roane 
44 Deal Aron C.  1870Smithfield Township I2340 Roane 
45 Deal Precey  1870Smithfield Township I3485 Roane 
46 Deal Thomas  1870Smithfield Township I3689 Roane 
47 Dobbs H. A.  1870Smithfield Township I2723 Roane 
48 Donahoe A.  1870Smithfield Township I2215 Roane 
49 Donahoe Olive  1870Smithfield Township I3448 Roane 
50 Donahoe William R.  1870Smithfield Township I3904 Roane 

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