Geary Township


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adkins D. D.  1870Geary Township I2484 Roane 
2 Adkins Isam  1870Geary Township I2823 Roane 
3 Adkins James  1870Geary Township I2970 Roane 
4 Adkins Wilburn  1870Geary Township I3753 Roane 
5 Armstead J. M.  1870Geary Township I2880 Roane 
6 Armstead Thomas J.  1870Geary Township I3712 Roane 
7 Arthur William C.  1870Geary Township I3846 Roane 
8 Ashley J. M.  1870Geary Township I2885 Roane 
9 Ashley Marian  1870Geary Township I3344 Roane 
10 Ashley R. M.  1870Geary Township I3508 Roane 
11 Barnhouse Mary  1870Geary Township I3367 Roane 
12 Belcher Bartley  1870Geary Township I2366 Roane 
13 Belcher John  1870Geary Township I3049 Roane 
14 Bishop Arow  1870Geary Township I2341 Roane 
15 Bishop David  1870Geary Township I2519 Roane 
16 Boggs H. C.  1870Geary Township I2726 Roane 
17 Boggs Isaac  1870Geary Township I2799 Roane 
18 Brook Rebecca  1870Geary Township I3523 Roane 
19 Brook Robert  1870Geary Township I3538 Roane 
20 Burns Hugh  1870Geary Township I2782 Roane 
21 Butler Joseph  1870Geary Township I3155 Roane 
22 Campbell Jane  1870Geary Township I2995 Roane 
23 Carper Allana W.  1870Geary Township I2297 Roane 
24 Carper C. C.  1870Geary Township I2409 Roane 
25 Carper Clifton  1870Geary Township I2468 Roane 
26 Carper N.  1870Geary Township I3416 Roane 
27 Carper William B.  1870Geary Township I3841 Roane 
28 Carter William B.  1870Geary Township I3839 Roane 
29 Chapman M.  1870Geary Township I3279 Roane 
30 Coakman William  1870Geary Township I3793 Roane 
31 Cobb A. J.  1870Geary Township I2235 Roane 
32 Cobb Virginia  1870Geary Township I3739 Roane 
33 Cobb William N.  1870Geary Township I3888 Roane 
34 Cochran E.  1870Geary Township I2549 Roane 
35 Collins Archibald  1870Geary Township I2332 Roane 
36 Conley Matilda  1870Geary Township I3396 Roane 
37 Cook B. S.  1870Geary Township I2362 Roane 
38 Cook Peter M.  1870Geary Township I3480 Roane 
39 Cookman James H.  1870Geary Township I2983 Roane 
40 Cookman William  1870Geary Township I3761 Roane 
41 Cutlip Andrew  1870Geary Township I2323 Roane 
42 Cutlip James  1870Geary Township I2948 Roane 
43 Cutlip Mary  1870Geary Township I3363 Roane 
44 Davis Sarah  1870Geary Township I3626 Roane 
45 Davis William H.  1870Geary Township I3869 Roane 
46 Deal James E.  1870Geary Township I2977 Roane 
47 Deal Michael  1870Geary Township I3401 Roane 
48 Drake Admiral  1870Geary Township I2271 Roane 
49 Drake Almedia  1870Geary Township I2299 Roane 
50 Drake Charles  1870Geary Township I2442 Roane 

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