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Post Date: 2001/3/25 4:06:00

I am looking for info on Elihu White he was married to Rachel Ann Shafer. I think he was born in Roane Co. I know he lived and died there. I have found a ton of info on his wife who was a Harper but seem to have hit a brick wall with Elihu. His son Curtis was my grandfather.


From: Mike Shaffer
Re: White, Shafer
June 26, 2001 11:48AM

Karen, I came across your posting of 25 Mar in ref to Elihu White and his wife Rachel. You stated that you had lots of info on Rachel's family. Although we are not of the same line, Rachel and I are descendants of Paul Shaver and Catherine Riffle. I don't have a lot of info, but am willing to share what I have.
Thank, Mike


From: Karen Raynes
Re: White, Shafer
July 02, 2001 10:26PM

Mike, thanks for your response to my posting. I have a lot of info for Rachel Shafer on her mother's side (Harper/Bishop) all the way back to Germany in the 1600's, but not much on the Shavers. I have Paul Shaver, Sr. married 3 times to Hall, Wilson and Runyon. Mary Runyon was Rachel's grandmother. Maybe your Paul is Jr.? Or maybe there was a 4th. wife? I have his father as A. Daniel Shaver who applied for naturalization in Roane Co. 1808. Anything else you have on the Shavers? I have hit a huge brick wall with Rachel's husband Elihu White. Also, Rachel's maiden name sometimes is listed as August instead of Shafer.Any input is appreciated.


From: Mahala_Harper/Shafer info
Re: White, Shafer
June 29, 2008 01:49PM

Rachel Ann Shafer was the 6th child of John and Mahala Shafer. She was born April 11, 1874 on Straight Creek, Roane County, West Virginia. She attended Straight Creek School. She met and married Elihue White on March 25, 1891. They were married by Rev. J.L. Nicholas in the home of her parents, John and Mahala. Elihue was born on June 16, 1869.
Rachel and Elihue owned their first home in Pigeon Roost. Their first child Lewis Kester was born here. He lived 6 months and is buried in Leatherwood. Their son Curtis remembered his dad telling him that he was earning 50 cents a day working on a pipeline job when he purchased their home in Green Creek. The pipeline job got to the point to were he would have to start spending nights away from the family, so he decided to quit and tend to the farm. Elihue never worked in public works again. He and Rachel made their living on the land by raising cattle and growing their own vegetable. Rachel also done a lot of canning.
Rachel and Elihue were good parents. They had 15 children raising 12 to adult-hood. One set of twins was included in their children, but lost the little boy at birth.
Rachel and Elihue always attended church any place, but the Advent Christian Church in Green Creek was their home church.
They both lived long lives and helped on another a lot. Rachel was helping Elihue out of the bathtub, she slipped, they both fell, and she broke her hip. She always used a walker after that.
Elihue died April 5, 1957. Rachel lived 7 more years after Elihue's death. She was 90 on April 11. 1964 and died June 16, 1964. They are both buried in the Billy Hunt Cemetary on Long Ridge, Roane County, West Virginia.
If you would like to have info on John and Mahala and their family, email me at or


From: Mahala_Harper/Shafer info
Re: White, Shafer
July 05, 2008 02:10PM

would you happen to know Elihue's parents name???? i cannot find that anywhere.


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 Isaac Elihue White
A site visitor passed on the following information:

"Eliu was not his full name, It was Isaac Elihue White, his mother was Emma White, and he was Illegitimate, so they may not find the father's name, I have not."
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