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Researcher Name: Katherine Bower

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Post Date: 05/14/2003

Hi! I'm from Akron, Ohio, and I'm trying to trace my father's family line. His name is Terry Lee Bower, his dad was Gregory Dane Bower, and his grandfather was Henry (first name James) Bower, who married Ida Helen Keaton. Henry's parents are Marcellus James Bower and Sarah Ann McDaniels.
Information I have on Marcellus James and Sarah Ann:
They had at least four children - James Henry, Charity Isabel, Herman, and Esty.
Sarah was born in 1856 in Gilmer Co., WV, and she died in 1925. She's buried in Slate Cemetary.
This is all I can find about those members of the family so far. I'm having a hard time finding more information on Marcellus James' parents and siblings, Sarah Ann's parents and siblings, and what happened to Charity and Esty. Any information you have would be very helpful - thanks! I can be reached at

From: Betty K
Re: Bower, McDaniels
May 15, 2003 11:56PM

1870 ROANE COUNTY CENSUS By Janet Martin
# 147-161
BOWER, Dan'l age 51 Farmer B- Penn Mar
Catherine 51 B Feb
Dan'l M. 16 B Sept.
Marcullus 13 B Jan.
Date: 24 Sept. 1874
BOWER, Marcellus J 19
McDaniels, Sarah 18
1880 ROANE COUNTY CENSUS By Janet Martin
# 361-361
BOWERS, M. J. age 24 Farmer B. W. Va Parents
Sarah 24 Wf
Olive 4 Dau
Henry 2 Son
Isabell 9/12 Oct. Dau
I will e-mail you some other dates that I've found. I'm not researching this name or family, just enjoy helping when I can. Contact me at if I don't get right back to you, okay?


From: Katherine Bower
Re: Bower, McDaniels - more info
May 19, 2003 11:35PM

I've gotten some more information that I'd thought I'd post in case anyone came along anything in their research. I'm pretty sure the family line is as follows, but am still looking for confirmations. I'll be researching the York Co. family as soon as possible:
Gregory Dane Bower is my grandfather, and his father was James Henry, who married Ida Keaton.
James Henry's father is Marcellous James (b. ~1855), who married Sarah Ann McDaniels (b.~1856) in Sept. 1874.
Marcellous James' father is Daniel Bower (b. Mar. 1819, York Co., PA) who married Catherine Bryce (b. Feb. 1819, Shendandoah Valley, VA).
Daniel's father is also Daniel (b. 1792 in Manheim, York Co., PA) who married Margaret Albright (b. in York Co., PA).
Daniel Sr.'s father is John Jacob Bower (b. ?) and his wife is thought to be Julia. John Jacob apparently died in Manheim.
I'm still looking to confirm all of this, as well as find information on each man's wife. Any information would be great!
Big thanks to Betty K. for your contribution - that's VERY helpful, as I couldn't find information on Sarah and Marcellous anywhere! Anything else you've got is greatly appreciated!


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 Roy James Bower
Very interested in any Bower history i can find here...i had made it as far back as Daniel Bower being my 4x grandpa.. i live in WV and visited the town of Pasco where they had lived in Roane co. which is no longer a real town... very new to this so any info would be greatly appreciated..Mike
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