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LEE: Of Walton and Harper Districts.

First settlers of this name here were three brothers: Samuel and Thomas of Big Creek and Robert of lower Flat Fork.

Samuel Lee with his wife, Elizabeth (Potts) Lee and two sons, Nathaniel Potts Lee and William D. Lee, came here from Harrison County, Western Virginia, in the year 1857, purchased a farm on head of Silkets Fork and soon were prominent people of those parts.

Samuel Lee, the father of above named Samuel, Thomas and Robert, was born in Ireland; on coming to America he met Elizabeth M. McCabe and in Wilmington, Delaware, they were married and at once or soon came to Harrison County, Western Virginia, where were born the above named three sons; the son, Samuel, on December 22, 1819, who there grew to manhood and married Elizabeth Potts, born in Harrison County, January 13, 1817. She was a daughter of Nathaniel Potts, born in Walton Parish, Cumberland County, England. To them were born: Nathaniel P., Samuel, Jr., Virginia, and William D. Lee.

Nathaniel P. Lee, son of Samuel first above named, and his wife, Elizabeth, early settlers here, was born in Harrison County, July 11, 1844, came with his parents to Pocatalico country as first stated; married Messelva Paxton, October 5, 1877, born in the Pocatalico neighborhood, July 12, 1849, daughter of John and Mary (Vineyard) Paxton. Near on a part of the Lee lands they made their life-time home-farm. Nathaniel P. Lee was an active and popular citizen of the county for twenty years or more; served as a Union soldier in the Home Guards of Captain William Gandee, in which service he had a leg broken by a musket ball from an enemy gun, March 5, 1865, from which wound he never recovered full use of the limb. We are told that this happened in a skirmish on the Roach farm on Reedy. He served as constable, deputy sheriff, and
in several district ofHces. To Nathaniel P. and Messelva (Paxton) Lee, were born and by them brought up the following named children:

Webster, born October 14, 1878;

Lloyd, April 24, 1880;

Cora, March 5, 1882.

Samuel Lee, Jr., married Jemima, daughter of Capt. William Gandee.

Virginia, daughter of Samuel Lee,' pioneer here, married Chester D. C. Jones in Walton District, March 11, 1875; to them were born several children.

William D. Lee, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Potts) Lee, married Hester Ann Snodgrass, April 22, 1880; she the daughter of Jacob and Julia (Curtis) Snodgrass, settlers on Big Lick, who came there from Boone County, Western Virginia. To William D. and Hester Ann, his wife, were born and grew up some sons and daughters: Stella, Julia, Ernest, Antoinette, Helen and Dainey.

Thomas Lee, son of Samuel, Sr., and his wife, Elizabeth (McCabe) Lee, born on the Monongahela, came to Roane at the time his other two brothers, Samuel and Robert, came; purchased lands on Big Creek, in Walton District, and made his home there. He was noticeable at the county seat, at court and other times of public gatherings, because of his tall figure, prominent nose and heavy shock of hair, which in 1894, and a few years before and afterward, was iron gray. He and his wife reared several children of whom we can name here as follows: William, Hannah Jane, Thomas, Jr., Charles, John L., Samuel, Jr., and R. B., who died and left a son named Roseevlt to whom Thomas on dying left most of his estate.

Robert Lee, son of Samuel, Sr., and Elizabeth (McCabe) Lee has not left us any record of himself.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927 William H. Bishop, Esq. p 583-584

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 Re: Lee, Samuel, Thomas and Robert
This is a relative of mine. My Great grandparents, John William Lee and Rebecca Alice (Raines) Lee Were married in Roane of marriage-10/24/1884 by W.L Burdett. Their place of residence was a farm on Turkey Run. Other relatives are as named;Robert Mitchell Lee and wife Mary Elizabeth Golden.Samuel Lee Sr.wife Elizabeth M. Mccabe ,Joseph Marcellus Raines wife Lydia Harper. The thing I really find amazing is how strong the lee genes are. The Lee brothers here all had blue eyes. My dad has the blue eyes, I do, both of my children do plus the grand kids.I am glad that I found this site.
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