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John W. Shafer Is a son of John Shafer, who was born in Ohio, and Mary (Cox) Shafer, born in 1811, in Lewis County, (then) Virginia. Jacob Shafer, grandfather of John W., was a solider in the War of 1812. John W. Shafer served seven months in the Confederate cavalry, enlisting in August, 1862, and taking part in a number of engagements.

In Wirt county, (then) Virginia. April 1, 1859, he married Maria Dobson who was born in Lewis County, April 1, 1838. His birth was on the 17th of October 1837, in that part of Kanwaha County now Roane. Their children were born:
Viola V.., December 9, 1859; (my g,g, grandfather)
George B. , January 1, 1862;
David Lee, April 1, 1864;
Sarah C.., April 11, 1872;
Mary A. August 27, 1876;
Charles S. October 30, 1878;
Ezra, September 8, 1881.

The parents of Mrs. Shafer are deceased, George W. Dobson, born in Culpeper county, Virginia and Catharine (Wagoner) Dobson, born in Lewis county. The first wife of Peter Wagoner, Father of Mrs. Dobson, and all their children were made captives by the Indians, who murdered his wife and all the children but two girls and one boy, whom they carried away with them. The girls escaped, the boy grew up among them, and married a squaw. Afterwards he returned to his people, married a white woman and lived to be 102 years old. Farming is the occupation of John W. Shafer, Harper district his location, and Higby, Roane county, West Virginia, his address. There are several Waggoners buried in the cemetery at Jane, Lew, WV, Old Harmony Cementary.

Quote from John W. Shafer's bible: "Remember children passing by, as you are now so once was I, as I am now so you must be, prepare for death and follow me." Amen John W. and Maria Dobson were 21 when wed. They were married by Sam'l Sheppard. John W. Shafer & Maria Dobson were married on April 3rd, 1859. They were marred by Sam'l Sheppard.
John W Shafer was 21 and Maria Dobson was 21. John & Mary Shafer were the parents of John W. Shafer and G. W. & Catherine Dobson were the parents of Maria Dobson. John W. Shafer was born in Kanawha County, Virginia and Maria Dobson was born in Lewis County, Virginia.

Provided by Barbara Cheuvront

Shafer: Of Rock Creek, Harper District

Jacob Shafer and his wife, Jane, daughter of John and Rachel (Taylor) Harper, were the first of this family name to settle in this southeast part of the Harper District, possible as early as the year 1849.

The names of the children of Jacob and Jane Shafer that we were able to give are:
John, Sarah, Ann, Susan, David, Henry, George, Issac, and Asa.

"Old Jacob and Jane (Harper) Shaffer, father and mother of the above Family, cleared and made a farm and were respectable people there for some twenty-five years. Both died there some year ago.

I do not venture to give the marriages of the severl above named Shafers, because the marriage records show several "David Shafers," "G. W. Shafers" and "John Shafers," but no information as to what family any one of them belongs.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927, William H. Bishop, Esq., p 652

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 Re: Shafer Family
Here is some more information for you.

I am posting what I know about my Paternal Grandfather's (The Shafer's)

Jacob Shafer: Born 1775, Married Ann Hall in 1804.
Known Children: 1 Male Child. John Shafer, Born 1808. GGGGG Grandpa.

John Shafer: Born 1808, Married Mary C. Cox in 1828.
Known Children: David, Jacob, John, Andrew, Ann, Perry, Hezikiah, Sarah, and James Shafer. 9 Children. GGGG Grandpa.

Jacob Shafer: Born 1832, Married Jane Catherine Harper in 1850.
Known Children: Mahala, Sarah, Susanah, John, Iola, David, Henry, Virginia, George, Isaac and Asa Shafer. 11 Children. GGG Grandpa.

George W. Shafer: Born 1867, Married Missouri Jane Patrick in 1886.
Known Children: Jacob, Howard, Frederick, Olive, Nelson, Addie and Sherman Shafer. 7 Children. GG Grandpa.

Nelson Shafer: Born 1899. Great Grandpa.
Romey Shafer: Born 1925. Grandpa.

I hope this information is helpful. I've noticed not all of this information is available.
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